Art Light #10

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Using glass objects as my canvas I create unique one-of-a-kind art lights using various mixed media techniques combined with light.

Each one is an original and made with materials that may include but are not limited to:

• Resin
• Ink alcohols
• Found objects
• Gemstones
• Beads
• Mica dust
• Paint
• Varnish
• Plaster
• Glitter
• Paper
• Nature elements
• Photography
• Fabric

They are 4" in diameter at the base which is a battery-operated LED stand made of wood. They stand 7" tall from top to bottom. Enjoy them lit or unlit as they take on different qualities in each mode. Place them in the sunlight during the daylight hours to see how light is reflected off of them and through them and enjoy them at night as a glowing artful night light.