Fine Art


My love of nature and humanity combined with my love of photography and design have guided me towards what I feel is my higher path in life. I am deeply inspired by spirituality and all of the divine beauty that has been created on this earth and I feel that it is my duty to share this inspiration with others through my art and my creative vision. It is my hope that my art will remind people about how important our natural world is to us and that we, too, are part of it – integrated with it on many different levels from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the remedies that heal us.

By integrating my photographs of humans, animals, and other elements of nature, I create fine art photo collages that evoke a world untouched by man-made objects. Through my creations we are reminded that we are one with nature. The organic theme of my art places emphasis on the fact that our natural world provides us with all of our basic needs and an insurmountable abundance of beauty on this earth.

– Carolyn Quan